Deborah Bryant

About Deborah Bryant

With a heart for service, First Lady of Mississippi Deborah Bryant has dedicated her professional and personal life to caring for those around her.

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First Lady Deborah Bryant's H.O.M.E. initiative is named for the four issues she is focusing on during her time as First Lady: Healthcare, Outdoors, Mansion, and Education. Mrs. Bryant is dedicated to her role as First Lady, as it gives her a platform to educate and encourage Mississippians about the issues she feels most passionately about in our state.

Mrs. Bryant is active in supporting a wide variety of Healthcare issues, including teenage pregnancy, breast cancer, and disabilities. She is a proud supporter of the Mississippi Outdoors, especially the state parks and cleanup operations. Mrs. Bryant is very committed to the preservation of the Mississippi Governor's Mansion, ensuring that is it available to all Mississippians. She is also an enthusiastic proponent for Education in Mississippi and lends her time and efforts to supporting schools throughout the state.

Mrs. Bryant has embraced her role as First Lady and loves to interact with the Mississippians that she meets every day as she travels the state supporting various initiatives. She invites you to peruse this site and learn more about the causes she is most passionate about as she serves the state in this role. Mrs. Bryant welcomes your support in making Mississippi a better place to live for all of its citizens.
  • Having worked in the medical profession for more than 39 years, First Lady Deborah Bryant has a strong passion for the healthcare of all Mississippians. She is involved in a wide variety of healthcare events and initiatives, all with the goal of improving the health of the people of our state, including children, adults, and those with disabilities.

  • First Lady Bryant realizes that Mississippi's landscape is a great treasure that we must protect and celebrate. She is a great believer in keeping Mississippi clean and beautiful and supports initiatives that have this goal. Mrs. Bryant wants to highlight the unique areas of our state, from the Delta to the Rolling Hills to the Gulf Coast.

  • First Lady Bryant's passion is the preservation of the Mississippi Governor's Mansion, the second oldest consecutively occupied governor's residence in the United States. Mrs. Bryant is committed to maintaining the opulence and dignity of the Mansion, which has been designated a National Historic Landmark by the Department of the Interior.

  • Education is a primary issue of interest for First Lady Bryant, and she wants to help ensure that all Mississippi children get a comprehensive education that will prepare them to be successful adults. Beginning in January 2014, Mrs. Bryant will "Read Across MS" to students (K-3) in all Mississippi counties!